Music You Should Know: Chromeo

This tune Bonafide Lovin' by Chromeo puts me in a good mood and cracks me up. Here are some of the lyrics to entice you listen to it:

Let me tell you that i saw your boyfriend walking down the street, he was standin all shaky, hands all sweaty, and he could hardly speak. I might as well take a minute or two, to put you on to some game, you want a boy like him and a man like me and thats just not the same.

Never mind an sms, what you need is a sweet caress, everybody wanna talk too
much, what you need is a special touch. Ooh girl wouldnt that feel right, a little dinner with a candle light and really when it comes down to it, pick a man who's down to fight.

I hear an 80s influence big time with the guitar, keyboard hook and with the (oh oh oh oh) in the chorus; I love it! The video is exactly like the Money for Nothing video by Dire Straits too, awesome. They're going to be at Bonnaroo and I'm praying at Lollapalooza too (lineup comes out on MONDAY!). Lolla's a must and Bonnarro, I might be working at or volunteering at this year, we'll see.

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