I did it!

I decided to start a blog. So what can you expect to find here? Well anything I find worthy of noting, from music to design. I will definitely be sharing my passions:

*DESIGN - whether it's in the form of artistic expression or functionality, it fascinates me. I enjoy discovering new artists as much as admiring clever products.

*MARKETING - I will be sharing praise of good looking packaging (my fav) and marketing of products from fine china to candles.

*ANYTHING RETAIL - great stores and their products. Pretty much anything related, it tis what I do ya know.

*MUSIC - new artists to watch out for, nostalgia about my old favorites, any discoveries in general, persuassion to attend certain shows I'm sure and hopefully my account of some live shows as well.

*WHATEVA - ME! You might see coverage of events including conventions here in Nashville,TN to exhibiting at the Hampton Classic in NY. I also try to read a couple different magazines on a regular basis so I will probably be relaying my favorites excerpts to you. I gravitate towards business mags with a techy twist in 'em, ie WIRED and Business 2.0 (not anymore : ( ), Lucky and Domino and then there's my favorite, the home decor mags: Elle Decor, Metropolian Home, Dwell, and House and Garden!

*PER REQUEST of ......! A suggest from a friend!

-until next note!

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Anonymous said...

i must say tht video is too funny! I do happen to think that song is quite cool and that dude is quite excited as well! :) xx