The Antique and Garden Show - Nashville, TN 2008

For the past seventeen years, the Antiques and Garden Show has utilized the Nashville convention to the fullest by bringing together nationally and internationally renowned experts and exhibitors in the fields of antiques, decorative arts and landscape design. The show offers 150 antique and horticultural vendors and many innovative landscaped gardens. They seriously build permanent looking garden scenes inspired by the year's theme that compete for awards. Not only is the the convention center full of lavish looking gardens, it is divided in half, a side for the antique dealers and the other for horticultural vendors. The supposed horticultural side has a variety of vendors ranging from dealers of original European posters, to a gourmet food company, Cherchies, to one of my favorites, a vendor of high quality reproduction prints, Gladstone Jones Prints. In addition, the horticultural side allows small boutique type stores to represent themselves, which is why I found myself packing up half the retail I manage (AshBlue) and living in the convention center for a week every February. This was our third year exhibiting at this show and we were very flattered when we were offered a new location. Our prior location was more central but this year we were honored to be the first space on the horticulture side. We were the first thing you see when you walked in, catching shoppers both before they had spent all their money or on their way out the door! We were a hit in our new spot! I don't think I've ever talked to that many people in such a short amount of time in my life. We saw a ton of our favorite customers as well as many new faces! Most importantly we got to tell the world that AshBlue is moving to another location, more about that later. Here some pictures of our beautiful booth!

I thought it was very important to somehow take and display the newly unveiled line of handmade traditional Indian tents we have started selling and renting. Here's a link to an article with more info specifically about the tents, click here!

Here are some more pics, just in case you want to just look at them...awwww

...and pls email me at marrah@ashblue.com if you have any questions!

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Hi. Thanks for the details about the Antiques and Garden Show. I don't want to miss it. This will be a great opportunity to see some nice art works, Decorative Arts and beautiful gardens.