NoteWorthy Products - River Song Jewelry

I attended the New York International Gift Fair for the first time a few weeks ago and I have so much to share. But today I only want to recognize a company that had a flawless presentation and followup with me since market. I spent the majority of my time in the handmade section which mostly consists of jewelry. The first thing I liked about this company was the merchandising of their booth and their logo! Come to find out, their logo design was done by KittenChops which explains my appeal to the brand's identity. Zaara of KittenChops has designed things for Starbucks and HearMusic. HM was my favorite station on XMradio until it magically disappeared. (yea yea they moved to a station called SBUX XM Cafe but the format's just not the same) Anyway, when you're at market looking at products all day long it really takes something truly creative to catch your eye. I was so impressed with the way they displayed their jewelry, resting on branches and laid on trays made to look like they were laying on the floor of a forest.

You have to check out their website!

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