ATTN: Interior Designers


Planning a new space, whether it's your office or your living space, is full of challenges and can take a lot of your time. You’re either starting from scratch (like we are, trying to design the new store for AshBlue) or, the most time-consuming, just trying to figure out how to fit the stuff you already own into a new place. I'm telling ya, I have faith that there is just about a website, with or without software, for just about everything these days and I love it! So naturally I have to share, what are blogs for anyway? On floorplanner.com you can use simple drag-and-drop tools to create floor plans. There’s a menu of different types of doors, windows, fireplaces, sofas, tables, beds, etc that you can drag into your floor plan and easily edit with a click of the mouse if you change your mind. You can sign up for a free account and start designing immediately. There’s always the option to add more services later for a pretty reasonable yearly subscription. Here's the beginning of my draft of the draft for the new store ; )

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