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I'm sure you cool kids know who SIA is and if you don't shame, shame. You would at least recognize one or two of the numerous hits she's done with Zero 7 or the huge hit "Breathe Me" that played on the series finale of Six Feet Under. Well I just got back from Atlanta where some friends and I decided to celebrate a birthday by making the 4 hour drive to see SIA live in concert. It was at the Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points, a venue similar to Belcourt Theatre but bigger for all you Nashvilians, and I was blown away. How many times have you seen a live performance and thought it sounded even better than the CD? The songstress sang her heart out and now might contend w/ Beck and Ryan Adams for my admiration when it comes to a live performance. I wish I had a set list but I was enjoying myself way too much to try and manage that. Not mentioning we missed the first song because of an inexcusably SLOW server at Sweet Lime, located across from the venue. No really, we're pretty easy to wait on cause we've all been servers before. Great sushi...horrible service! Oh, the best part, after we waited way tooo long for our food, our server forgot to enter half our order so we left still hungry! Hence the photo, we snagged a muffin before walking in the show...
I have some videos posted below you have to check out, especially the clip of her explaining an alter ego and a little bit about her career. I had no clue she was so animated, quirky and funny! The majority of the songs she played were from her new album Some People Have Real Problems and surprisingly 3 of the songs she did w/ Zero 7. "Sweet Potato", "Throw It All Away"!!! and "Buttons" were the songs that would've been on my wish list though : ( This was the best show of 2008, so far!
"Day Too Soon" from new album:

Sia, the comedian:

"Destiny", a Zero 7 song:

"Breathe Me" from
Colour The Small One:

If you want more, there are a couple more videos on You Tube!


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

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I love Sia! Ever since I saw the series finale of Six Feet Under her song "Breathe Me" has haunted me, but in a good way! She has such a beautiful voice. I'm so glad you got to go to the show.