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Dogeared Jewelry

I'm not always going to feature jewelry here but for now I have to mention this company. Let me just say that I am so envious I didn't think of something like this. Dogeared jewelry has taken a simple design idea, creative packaging that includes emotional marketing gimmicks and created a thriving product. The emotional positioning of this product is genius. Their 'best known and most loved creation' is the make- a- wish necklace which is a simple pearl or charm on a silk thread. Here's the selling point that evokes the emotion in the buyer of the gift, it's on this card that says 'make a wish and put on your necklace. when your necklace wears off, your wish should come true...' Yea right, but for all of us dreamers with hope, the emotional association and response is to spring for a $26 necklace. So that's the concept for the make-a-wish and then you have your choice of different colors of silk string, endless possibilities of 14k gold dipped or sterling charms, and then an occasion, (this is where it gets personal and fun!). Occasions are titles at the top of the card and encompass the intentions of your wish, purpose or energy of the necklace. As they put it 'ask and the universe will provide.. trust and believe!' The ABUNDANCE necklace is one of my favorites, probably cause of the cute feather and its general purpose! They have occasions from anything about love, being a new mom to one simply titled happy birthday. In fact, most of the line are necklaces that are not intended to fall off so you can permanent wear your dreams around your neck or at least until they come true. My other favorite is the Karma necklace! I just ordered one and I can't wait to sport it all summer! It says 'what goes around, comes around...wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving'. And big thanks to my dear friend Brooke who gave me my first Dogeared necklace for my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Love dogeared. Some of their necklace chains are too short though.