Fine China is for Single Women Too?

I googled "registering for fine china" and inadvertently found an excerpt from the book called Fine China is for Single Woman Too by Lydia Brownback. I started to read it, the title being the reason why I wanted to write this particular blog, and was compelled to read the entire excerpt. I found myself oddly relating all too well to some of it, it was almost chilling and I will let you find it for yourself if you're all that interested ; )
Back to the point, and no Maris this is not an advertisement for AshBlue, because I'm in an area of business, oh screw it, because I manage a retail store that sells fine china I've become completely besotted with the essence of the bloody stuff! I've noticed first hand that the market of brides registering for it is just not what it once was, so I hear. That could be a product of its own, beginning generations ago due to the passing down through families. Why would a girl want to register for fine china when she's getting Nana's set (or whatever you call your grandmother). Is it just not practical anymore? The new urbanism movement is driving people back into the city and usually in smaller functional spaces. Where would you store 12 complete place settings of china in your new urban modern loft? Well, I would probably display them on a wall somewhere. Or is it because the perceived value (unfairly so) has lessened due to the economies of scale of brands like Crate&Barrel, William Sonoma, even Target that have stolen the bridal market. 1 in 7 of my friends married in the last 2 years registered for fine china. The rest opted out in favor of everyday ware from those previously mentioned retail giants.
Fine china and porcelain is usually on the upside of the market, especially when you look at the traditional manufacturers which can be intimating if you don't know, you got to ease into it. All deserving of praise though once you put your hands on it and find a pattern that suits your being. The only reason I found myself enlightened with the endless possibilities, especially if you dare get in to mixing and matching, is because that's what I do and I know what the market has to offer. Enough about why people don't love it as much as I do. I pitty the fool! So here are some of my favorites; I just haven't decided which pattern to invest in yet!

From left to right: 1st row- Gwinnett Lane by Kate Spade, Pinny's Beach by Kate Spade, 5 Lenox patterns (Continental Platinum, Murray Hill, Federal Cobalt, Grand Central, and Columbus Circle), Brown/Gold Laque de Chine by Haviland, Samoa Green by Jars 2nd Row- Emperor's Garden by Sieger, Blue Fluted Mega by Royal Copenhagen, Elisabeth and 3 colors of Arc en Ciel Presentation Plates by Robert Haviland and C. Parlon, Yellow Convivio by Match, La Scala by Richard Ginori 3rd Row- Turenne by Raynaud, 4 patterns by Haviland- (clockwise) Illusion, Oasis, Tambour, and Platinum Black Symphony, Avington Clear Magenta by William Yeoward, Gosford by William Yeoward, Emperor's Garden by Sieger 4th Row- Bangalore by Kenzo, Matignon Green by Robert Haviland and C. Parlon, Feuille D'or by Haviland, Oriental Trees by Bernardaud, Omari Rouge by Haviland.


Laurie said...

Row 4, first pattern - isn't that the same pattern that I used to drink tea out of back in the day? I miss those days.

marrah said...

awwww, well we miss you, you have no clue! No, I think that pattern's called Royal Arcade by Lenox...def a nice one! I could prob stand to have a couple place settings of it ; )